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Australia Post



Improving the management of 400 IT contractors at Australia Post, reducing process times, overtime and work-related stress in the responsible team.


Improved management of third-party IT contractors


Australia Post sought to improve the management and control of 400 thirdparty IT contractors and reduce the corresponding high annual spend. There were significant variations in the team’s workload, with extensive need for overtime and high levels of work-related stress.


We invested time and embedded ourselves in the workplace to conduct a truthful analysis of the business processes. We found that 78% of work did not add any value and identified 34 separate causes of bottlenecks in the system. Working with stakeholders, we implemented processes and conducted training to continuously identify and resolve problems.


By removing bottlenecks and wasted effort, we delivered a 64% reduction in the time required to process contractor invoices and an 84% reduction in non-value-added time associated with the process. In turn, overtime was reduced by 2,900 hours annually and a full-time equivalent hours dropped by 4,500.

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