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Asset management and maintenance services provider



Identifying and delivering improvements in the productivity and utilisation of road maintenance crews, achieving greater value from resources at no extra cost to the business.


Improved maintenance productivity.


Our client – a leading asset management company – was experiencing recurring issues around scoping, planning and executing road works across three separate service agreements, thus lowering productivity. Extensions to these agreements would only be achieved with demonstrated performance and innovation in service delivery.


Our team spent time with the client conducting day-in-the-life-of studies with work crews to identify delays and interruptions. We conducted value stream mapping workshops to analyse existing processes to identify areas of inefficiency and waste, and implemented new processes that addressed these issues.


We identified scope to double productivity without affecting service levels, allowing the client to double the amount of work that could be undertaken without increasing variable resource costs. We also implemented quick wins in data collection, delivery and feedback to support ongoing problem solving.

“Talk to us now about how we can reduce project risks, delivery costs and completion times and other improvements for infrastructure projects.”