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Global resources company



Designing an integrated supply chain to improve performance and output at an underground mine within six weeks.


Improved end-to-end logistics system


The client set a strategic goal to increase performance and output but was constrained by inefficient supply chains and logistics systems, and processes that lacked clarity.


We undertook a detailed analysis of the operational supply chain, logistics systems and material flows. We collected, observed and analysed data, and identified bottlenecks and inefficiencies in both surface and underground operations for the business. We developed a seamless integrated supplies network that minimised waste and maximised asset utilisation.


Through these supply chain improvements we identified annual benefits of between A$20 million to A$30 million, with an overall project net present value greater than A$45 million.

“Speak to us today to learn how our unique combination of operational and business improvement experience in the mining industry can maximise the value of your investment.”