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Australian manufacturer of conveyor equipment



Significantly increasing output without jeopardising a competitive advantage with regards to responsiveness.


Improved manufacturing processes


Our client was looking to increase overall manufacturing output by updating operating processes and procedures without jeopardising responsiveness to customer orders and demands – considered to be their competitive advantage.


We drew on our extensive experience in the automotive and manufacturing sectors to develop a world-class quality and manufacturing system to sustainably grow operations. Over 26 weeks, we implemented a lean manufacturing improvement program to increase performance across a number of specific project streams, including labour productivity, equipment productivity, inventory management and plant management.


We delivered a 500% increase in output per week, a 77% reduction in average lead time from work order to pack, and ISO 9001 system implementation and certification.

“Contact us to find out how our unique combination of operational and business improvement experience in the manufacturing industry can help your business grow sustainably.”