Secora Mining


We provide the mining industry with expert advice and comprehensive support to enhance safety, security and productivity across their operations, delivering cost savings for businesses.

Summary of Offering

Our team has significant expertise across the full breadth of mining operations – including in engineering, mine management, logistics and maintenance. This provides SECORA with a strategic lens through which we identify opportunities and deliver sustainable multifaceted, transformational improvements to work environments, processes and outcomes.

SECORA’s support to businesses in the mining sector goes beyond spreadsheets and boardroom briefings. We use advanced simulation, mathematical modelling and regular onsite engagement to accurately assess challenges and develop precise solutions that have real-world applicability.


Managing complexities in underground mining

Our team understands the importance of managing complexities in the unique environment of underground mining. We utilise advanced technical experience from various industries – including automotive and manufacturing – to apply innovative approaches that improve precision, mitigate risks and reduce bottlenecks.

Optimising port and rail operations

SECORA uses highly-specified tools and tailored methodologies to streamline port and rail operations for the mining industry. Our mathematical simulations and capacity modelling enable SECORA to analyse complex systems, pinpoint constraints and provide tested solutions that reduce shutdown times and manage outages.

Leveraging digital transformation

We help businesses to adapt and grow through the digital transformation of the mining industry. SECORA supports businesses in adopting innovative technologies and digital solutions that deliver efficiencies, increase productivity, and strengthen protections against vulnerabilities like cyber.

Case studies

Mining logistics improvements deliver A$45 million net benefit

CLIENT Global resources company INDUSTRY MiningDesigning an integrated supply chain to improve performance and output at an underground mine within six weeks. DELIVERABLE Improved end-to-end logistics system ISSUE The client…

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