SECORA provides educators with a specific methodology focused on identification and elimination of instructional and administrative inefficiencies. We coupled years of practical educational experience with industry-based expertise in process improvement to derive an approach called “SECORA Learning” that will drive school improvement.

Summary of Offering

We understand many of the challenges that teachers and administrators face in the modern era of education. SECORA Learning is a process that educators can implement to identify opportunities and achieve measurable and sustainable results within the classroom and across administrative functions within the school system.

With an ever-growing list of governmental requirements and difficult budgetary constraints, school systems must proactively leverage existing resources to increase effectiveness and productivity. Our SECORA team is positioned to support administrators and teachers throughout improvement initiatives.


Classroom Effectiveness

By eliminating waste and reducing organizational constraints, teachers can focus on true “value-added” activities that directly impact the classroom environment. By focusing on evidence-based instructional strategies and curriculum design, SECORA Learning supports instructional improvement at all grade levels.

Administrative Optimization

SECORA supports administrators with the most modern and effective strategies to organize and lead educational agencies. From gaining accreditation to submitting funding/grant requests to managing hundreds of teachers, our team helps build effective processes that remain in place long after we leave.

Leveraging Technology

SECORA assists school systems to adapt to new technologies that affect our educational processes on a fundamental level. From conception to implementation, we support school systems as they adopt technology to improve teaching and learning.

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