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Operating globally in highly regulated industries of 50 to 80 000 employees across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia, SECORA helps organizations optimize their efficiency through process streamlining, effective strategy, risk reduction and quality advancement initiatives.

Spurred by its guiding motto “Do the right things effectively rather than the wrong things efficiently”, SECORA has developed its own bespoke methodologies to accelerate operational distinction through process design and optimization, Lean and CIP implementations, project and launch management, restructuring and sustainability, and organization and supply chain development.

Amongst its best-in-class proprietary assets includes its flagship START (SECORA Tactical Assessment Review Team) methodology, which begins with the underpinning assumption: Start with the right strategy and your business will thrive in today’s economy.

It first defines the purpose of the organization, and then establishes realistic goals and objectives consistent with that mission, with defined timelines that can be realistically implemented.

As we help our clients develop an execution plan, we navigate them through a process that crystallizes the core mission set out in SECORA’s name:

  • S stands for Statement of Goals, which defines vision, mission and objectives
  • E stands for Evaluation of Needs, which studies and dissects Voice of Customer (VC), Voice of Business (VB), and Voice of Market (VM) pain points
  • C stands for Conceptual Strategy, which conceptualizes a turnaround strategy
  • O stands for Optimized Strategy, which refines this preliminary framework into a final strategy
  • R stands for Review and Execute, which outlines a risk reduction action plan
  • A stands for Audit and Adjust, with KPIs and dashboards to track progress and deliver consistent management checks and balances

By defining priorities and ownership areas, START ensures effective use of your organization’s resources, with all players on the same page through shared goals and objectives, clearly communicated.

It provide processes and procedures to support work-in-progress changes to the strategy, supporting the fluidity and agility needed in business today.

Using START and other tools, we break complex issues down into manageable, solvable, and sustainable solutions, to give your company the focus and direction it needs to prosper in today’s economy.

Get in touch and lets talk about where SECORA can work with you to improve processes, reduce waste, explore untapped market segments and increase market share with START.

Check out our SCIM (SECORA Continuous Improvement) & SIM (SECORA Innovation Methodology) tools, and our Lean Six Sigma Training program.