”Secora is big enough to get any job done,
and small enough to be uncomplicated”

Our motto ”Adding the human touch” comes from our hands on experience and our desire to be more than just external consultants. It further reminds us that behind all tasks are people who need to be supported by the process they operate in.

Partnering with SECORA has delivered measurable reduction of risks, whilst improving quality and increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

We believe it is important to assist clients focus on doing the right things effectively rather than doing wrong things more efficiently.

Clients choose Secora because our pragmatic and outcome driven approach gets results – very often within a complex and confidential environment that requires perseverance, discretion and sensitivity.

Operational effectiveness is about recognizing value through understanding key outputs and identifying the causal factors that drive them.
All enterprises may have unrealized opportunities to reduce operational waste, save time and cost, and extend capacity of valuable resources.

Efficiency is realized through identification and elimination of waste, and analysis and smoothing of value flow. Secora uses Secora Lean Implementation Methodology (SLIM) to achieve immediate and long-term improvements in efficiency.

By reducing variation in process outputs businesses can dramatically improve customer satisfaction and as a result, increase quality and reduce costs.

Quality is improved by taking a business problem and turning it into a mathematical problem. Secora develops mathematical models, creates practical improvement strategies and implements monitoring tools to enable sustained long term improvements. Secora uses the Secora Continuous Improvement Methodology (SCIM) to increase customer satisfaction.

When developing quality products, services and processes, businesses need to get it right the first time.

Innovation is facilitated by simulation of the product and service delivery system before the actual system is implemented. Secora has developed the Secora Innovation Methodology (SIM) to help enterprises gain market share by developing novel products and services.

Risk is the probability of error which can be costly, detrimental or disastrous to a business. By dissecting, analysing and developing optimised processes, the probability of error is greatly reduced.

These qualities typically translate into increased profit, reduced cost, business growth, business revitalisation and customer satisfaction.