Formal Training Programs

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification – DMAIC or DFSS (Green Belt plus 10 training days)

Secora's training programs give your business and employees the necessary advantage over the competition.

Learn how to manage non-standard and cross-functional projects. Use advanced decision making tools to pin-point root causes for various process business pains. Advanced instruction in numerous decision making tools with emphasis on quality, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Building on the Green Belt instruction as a foundation, Black Belt training provides an in-depth understanding of Lean Six Sigma and decision-making tools. As a Black Belt you will be able to solve complex and non-standard problems. During the course you will learn how to apply advanced Six Sigma methodology hands-on in interactive classroom simulations.


  • Decision making with Six Sigma statistics in case of non-standard situations
  • Hypothesis testing and process capability for non-normal data
  • Advanced ANOVA and Regression Analysis, Measurement System Analysis (Gage R&R) for destructive testing
  • Advanced Design of Experiments: Response Surface Methodology, Mixture and d-Optimal Experiments, DOE for Design Space characterization for ICH Quality by Design, DOE for Robust Design
  • Multivariate Analysis: PCA and Partial Least Squares
  • Sample size determination and AQL
  • Design for Six Sigma and Robust Design: Design Knowledge Matrix, p-Diagram and Robustness Checklist
  • Introduction to Reliability
  • Risk Assessment using Monte-Carlo simulation
  • Advance control charts
  • Process simulation

Target Audience

  • Green Belts in need of a deeper understanding of Six Sigma or Design for Six Sigma. Participants can receive Black Belt Certification after successfully completing and submitting a Black Belt project. A project can be selected before, during or after attending the course.


  • Participants must have attended Green Belt training priori to attending this course. Participants are required to bring a Laptop computer with the following software installed: MINTAB version 16 or higher
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