Secora Innovation Methodology

SIM assists your business to increase market share and explore untapped market Segments.

SIM helps enterprises gain market share by providing a systematic method to develop new products or services.

SIM includes tools to simulate the products and service delivery system.

The first stage of SIM involves determining the needs of customers. Secora uses interviews, focus groups and surveys to gather data. Kano Analysis helps Secora prioritize these needs. Secora then translates these needs to measurable parameters, using Quality Function Deployment.

Once needs are identified, preliminary designs will be developed and alternatives evaluated, using methods such as Axiomatic Design and TRIZ.

Secora then develops a detailed design, creates a simulation to predict design performance, and finally prepares control plans to identify potential design flaws. Design of Experiments, Taguchi Methods, Tolerance Design and Response Surface Methodology are used in developing and refining the detailed design.

Finally, Secora pilots the new design, confirms that customer requirements are met, and implements the new process, product or service.