The world is changing at an exponential rate as we take on the disruptive tech of 4IR.

With the challenges of upskilling our teams to meet the ever evolving needs of business and the restructuring of process, procedure and controls to support this –  it should come as no surprise that 18 year old SECORA sees this as a perfect moment to take on a new look, one that meets and communicates the great work we achieve with our clients.

We contracted imageMILL SA to develop our brand personality. A personality represented in a timeless icon, married with a whole new

The last 18 years has seen SECORA establish a legacy.

A legacy of supporting businesses in defining their focus and direction to strive and thrive; elevating products and services to higher levels of quality performance and assisting business to increase market share and explore untapped markets.

Over the years we have developed and perfected our own methodologies to accelerate operational distinction through bespoke Process Design & Optimisation, Lean & CIP Implementation, Project & Launch Management, Organization Development, Restructuring and Sustainability, and Supply Chain & Development; put to action as we immerse ourselves in highly regulated industries, in multicultural environments of 50 to 80 000 employees around the world that operate in various industry sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical Suppliers, Services, Mining, Electronics, Automotive, Packaging, Industrial and Defence.

These are exciting times for all businesses and individuals, and we are taking on the future in tones of red and burgundy in an icon that is about our legacy of problem solving, which is what SECORA does. 

18 year old Secora takes on the future in a new look, one that meets and communicates the great work we achieve with our clients. Our brand evolution.

Our icon was inspired by the notion of puzzles and solutions, taking its creative finish from the Rubik cube as it represents SECORA.  We solve complicated business challenges.  Did you know that problem solving goes back to the Stone Age?  Way back then humans were inventing fire – today we’re filling in the answer to 26 down and figuring out how to get to Mars more quickly.  Despite the need for survival and evolution, human brains are innately ravenous for new and innovative solutions to problems and are searching for more knowledge and for understanding.

Our icon speaks to this.

In colours chosen, the maroon communicates our creative thoughts, excitement, passion, courage and strength; with the silver bringing tones of the modern SECORA, valuable and strong; ignited with the energy and determination of the red our new look is anchored in a sophisticated and mature charcoal grey.

We are ready for our future.

Check out our new website and explore our case studies of amazing projects executed with businesses across the globe under the careful guidance of our SECORA teams in Singapore, Australia, the United States and Europe.

Get in touch –  innovating with SECORA is a great way to build a stable future – and experience our pragmatic and outcome driven approach that gets results – very often within a complex and confidential environment that requires perseverance, discretion and sensitivity. 

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SECORA immerse ourselves in highly regulated industries, across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.