SECORA operates globally with clients in the advancement of Quality Concepts, Operational Effectiveness, Process Streamlining, Effective Strategy and Development & Training optimising an organisations efficiency.


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SECORA has developed its own methodologies to accelerate operational distinction through bespoke Process Design & Optimisation, Lean & CIP Implementation, Project & Launch Management, Organization Development, Restructuring and Sustainability, and Supply Chain & Development.
We immerse ourselves in highly regulated industries, in multicultural environments of 50 to 80 000 employees across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia; in various industry sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical Suppliers, Services, Mining, Electronics, Automotive, Packaging, Industrial and Defence.


QUALITY ADVANCEMENT  By reducing process variation businesses can dramatically improve quality and thus meet or supersede customer requirements. Secora takes practical quality issues and translates them into mathematical models, develops mathematical solutions, converts the mathematical solution into practical improvement strategies, and finally implements process monitoring systems to enable sustained long term performance. Secora uses the Secora Continuous Improvement Methodology (SCIM) approach and traditional Six Sigma strategies to solve quality issues.
OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS  By defining, selecting, and prioritizing main process output requirements, then identifying and maximizing the key critical components/drivers which make up the value chain throughout the process, operations become more effective. Secora uses the Secora Continuous Improvement Methodology (SCIM) approach and traditional Lean strategies to increase operational effectiveness.
PROCESS STREAMLINING  By identifying and reducing operational waste, such as unnecessary transport, large inventories (both final and in-process), excessive motion, pointless waiting, over production, over processing, frequent defects, and underutilized resources, processes are streamlined. Secora uses the Secora Continuous Improvement Methodology (SCIM) approach and traditional Lean Six Sigma strategies to streamline processes.
EFFECTIVE STRATEGY   We ensure the most effective use of the organization’s resources by clearly defining the purpose and inspiration of the organization, establishing realistic future goals and objectives, and finally communicating these objects and aims to the organizations constituents.


Our team has both technical and real-world expertise across a range of industries and stays closely connected on relevant developments for each area. This provides us with a strong understanding of the sector-specific considerations our clients face, and also enables our team to share inventive approaches and technological advances across sectors.


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